General FAQs

  • What do I need to get started?

    To get started with your store, you first need to purchase a ready made store of your choice here

    Once purchased, you need to send us the c-panel info for your hosting. Once provided, we migrate the website to you.

    Thereafter you can do your own customization using your own service providers for domain and emails etc. If you want us to do the customization for you you can buy hours for customization here –

    Here are the things you will need to get your store up and running;

    • Domain name and Web hosting – required (think of something eye catching)
    • Payment gateway account details – required (we typically use Payfast but you are free to use other options)
    • Business email address(s) – required
    • Social media accounts – optional (to advertise your store)

  • What is Dropshipping?

    Dropshipping is a method in which you as the seller do not keep the products in your inventory. Instead, you work with a supplier who sends the products directly to your buyers. This lets you  focus on making sales and marketing while the other components are taken care of for you.
    Simplified, your profit comes from the price difference between the payment you receive from the buyer and the amount you paid to your supplier.

    An example:
    You sell phones on your store for R1000
    A customer from Durban (Sihle) buys a Phone from you
    You contact your supplier (AKA – Dropship Supplier) in Johannesburg and provide him/her with the shipping details of Sihle.
    You pay your supplier R700 and he ships it to Sihle.
    Your gross margin is R1000–700=R300

  • What is the profit margin for the products?

    Dropshipping profit much depends on what kind of products you are selling.

    The products we use for your website is pulled from Dropstore

     It’s often a good idea to stick to a low price with a high margin potential. Such products usually cost within a R15-R750 price range and these products generally can be priced at R25-R1050 or more. The most successful drop shipping websites have proved that such profit margin range is optimal.
    We recommend having a profit margin of 33%-50%.

  • Can I have additional categories?

    Yes you can have additional categories for your online store.

  • If purchasing a ready to go store - may the logo and names be changed ?

    Yes you can change the logo and names

  • Do you create a Logo on my behalf?

    We do not create logos, you can use logo shop or any other logo company you prefer.

  • Can more products be added ?

    When you purchase a store you will have access to 100+ products available from our suppliers to add onto your store. You are free to add other products as you wish.

  • Do I own the domain & store fully?

    You need to purchase the domain and hosting in order for us to complete your store setup. Once purchased, both the domain and the store is fully yours.

  • If I brought the ready made store, what is the number of product export limit per month? What is the storage space?

    The website we build for you has no product limit. The limit is based on the Dropstore licence you get.

  • In future, if I only sell my own products, do I still need to pay for Dropstore?

    No you will not unless you want to use Dropstore suppliers, if you choose to discontinue with dropstore you will still have your website and can add your own products.

  • Marketing - do you offer any marketing ideas for Whatsapp, Google and Instagram? Do you charge for these services?

    We do not offer marketing services but we have communities of resellers on social media where you can get a lot of advice on how to market your store. We also have partners whom we can refer you to for marketing tips and assistance.

  • Dropstore Account setup - the items that are on the Ready Stores - where do they come from? or do I have to find my own items to sell?

    The products on the stores are carefully selected from our inventory partner – Dropstore. On Dropstore, you would have access to over 1,000 suppliers and all their inventories. To signup for an account with Dropstore click here

  • Do your stores offer security for the store to make it secure - if not what is the cost involved?

     All our websites and email addresses come with free SSL certificates for security and data encryption. You would not need to pay anything for that.

  • How fast would my website be?

    If you wish to achieve true website optimization, you can not neglect the role of cache.

    Caching is the term used for storing and reusing the assets elements to save server resources and offer better user experience. WordPress cache allows you to serve web content fast while keeping the server available to handle other requests

    Our website uses 2 levels of caching to help achieve high speed and optimisation. Our server-level caching is done using varnish and our application through breeze cache.

    These 2 combinations significantly increase the speed of your website.

    Benefits of Caching

    Applying cache to your WordPress site offers a host of benefits including:

    • Faster loading webpages.
    • Improved SERP ranking as Google prefers fast websites.
    • Better server resource management.
    • Enhanced user experience.
    • Better traffic handling.

  • Does limit one to South Africa when trying to sell in other countries?

    You can still sell internationally with the domain ending in